Make a Statement with Display Packages

August 14, 2016

Following the recent launch of our gorgeous new Aquarius fabric collections for Rollers, Verticals, Romans and Curtains, we have designed some lovely display packages to add to your showrooms, featuring a mix of blind types.

Each display package illustrates a current interior trend and allows your customer to visualise it in their home alongside other trend items they can buy on the high street right now. 






Global Travel has inspired bespoke prints and jacquards with a hand crafted feel. Distressed motifs, intricate weaves, tile-like graphics and geometrics typify this eclectic look.











With a quiet, understated aesthetic, Scandinavian inspired interiors are a huge trend at the moment and look set to stay with us for a while, giving a calm and serene look that modern homes will love.










Tropical Botanicals

Palm leaf motifs, butterflies and ‘jungle’ florals create a fresh, contemporary feel in restful greens and aqua. Or use  a monochrome colourway to create a bold alternative look.










Florals are an everlasting look which is a great way of bringing the outdoors into your home. Create a confident and contemporary look with beautiful watercolour blooms or naïve floral motifs. Fuchsia can look great one its own but looks gorgeous mixed with pops of zesty citrus green and purple.




For more information or to order your display packages made to fit your showroom sizes,  please email [email protected] or contact your sales manager.