Winter-proof your Home

November 22, 2017

As a nation, we're obsessed with the weather - any change in the temperature gives us all something to talk about.  And more recently, some dramatic natural weather events have made world-wide news.

Closer to home, we're feeling things turning a little colder and reaching for our winter woolies, so let's take a look at some top tips for keeping your home warm through the cold snap.


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Check your pipes!

  • Clear gutters and drains from leaves and debris,
    check the downpipes to ensure water is running freely
  • Inspect your heating pipes and make sure your boiler is           in tip-top condition
  • Bleed the radiators - if they're colder at the top than the bottom, they need the excess air taking out

Keep up your energy

  • Service the boiler - don't want it breaking down on the coldest night of the year
  • Switch energy tariff - avoid paying over the odds to heat your home this winter
  • Pull on your trainers and head out for a brisk walk or even a jog to keep your body fighting fit
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  • Insulate your home properly - lofts, doors and windows all let that expensive heat out if they're not looked after.  cover exposed wooden floorboards with a heavy rug.
  • Gorgeous throws and cushions not only make your home look lovely but are great for snuggling under on the sofa while watching TV



Invest in blinds & curtains - proven to be a great way to save money on heating bills, especially if you take on the latest trend of layering products at the window for additional cosiness.


Want to display the traditional autumn shades in your showroom?

Order new sample blinds to add to your favourite display and be sure to attract customers’ attention with seasonal trends.

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