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March 13, 2017

Revealing the biggest new trends for spring and summer 2017


As the weather warms up and the days get longer and lighter, the high street moves its merchandising towards the trends for this season

So read on to find out everything you need to know about the styles and designs that your customers will be looking for in the coming months.



This balanced trend references Japanese design principles, keeping things natural, simple and subtle, whilst eliminating clutter to bring a tranquil energy to the home. Strong, yet soothing blues and complementary neutral tones are harmonious and easy to live with or alternatively can be revved up with coral hues, to create a vibrant energy.

Rose Garden

Pink is the key colour here, although it has lost its bright sugary tones from previous years and become a strong blush shade, useable in any room. The world cannot live without florals and nature’s canvas delivers pinks with green in both traditional and contemporary settings, transforming a space into somewhere that is beautiful and easy to live. This collection adds a trend twist with grid-like lines interleafed amongst the subtle colour palette

Metallic Fusion

Blending boundaries in interiors to enrich and energise your living space and inject individuality with decorative and opulent craftsmanship alongside a natural fusion, is the key to this anything-goes trend. Inspired by definitive landscapes and cultural references of generous intense colour contrasts with subtle metal and deep shades of paprika, it is a personality driven way to decorate.

Queen B

‘Be Brave not Beige’ is the mantra of a newly confident consumer who is emerging and with a palette of chartreuse and black at the fore, this trend speaks volumes about that customer. When last year, ornamental pineapples and flamingos made an appearance in the self-expressive home, this year the story is colour and this combo can be used full-on or as a ‘pop’ to make a statement. Whether it’s in stripes, botanical prints or as a block of colour, this tangy-yellow green combined with the honesty of black allows us to create a space in which to relax, revive and replenish.


Don’t be afraid by constantly changing trends as customers will only buy what they are comfortable to live with.  But having some knowledge of what is currently on the radar in interiors will definitely be beneficial in closing the window solution sale and the Aquarius fabric collections by Arena will almost certainly help in demonstrating that.


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